12 Commits (dev)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Max G cf426eba81 * updated server packages 3 years ago
Max G 91e37d368d Updated Squire 3 years ago
Max G 06b8f0ad6a Added privacy policy
Updated marketing
Added some keyboard shortcuts
Added settings page
Added accent theming
Added beta 2FA
3 years ago
Max G 0bbdda9a2a * Updated server packages 3 years ago
Max G d2624628d8 * Added new token system to add more security to logins
* Added simple tag editing from note page
3 years ago
Max G 278b204b3b * Added placeholder text to site when loading JS
* Added hidden text to site for scraping
* Login token will be destroyed if fetch site totals is called and the token is bad
* Moved passwords out of application and into a .env file that is loaded on startup
* Changed prod database password for primary user (which is dev)
* Set up .env for dev and prod
3 years ago
Max G ecbf6a9cde Added rate limiting and server security
Ton of little visual style tweaks and little up improvements for mobile
3 years ago
Max G 133a86e09e Remove TinyMce Added Squire 3 years ago
Max G 6fe39406b7 I need to get back into using git. The hell is wrong with me!? 3 years ago
Max G 1db2a79131 Updated server package.json so it will actually rebuild the server with npm install
Updated nginx config for the future to see whats going on
Removed readme, we don't need it!
Created a production release script that will upload build to avidhabit server
4 years ago
Max G b0a8071b41 Searching, url indexing
* Added a help page
* Cleaned up home and login pages
* Menu is hidden when on notes section of app
* Added username to login data
* Notes now change to the color selected for the note
* Note save function has a 500ms debounce to prevent spamming
* Solr results now displays content from notes, tags and attachments
* All note data is now indexed in solr
* Notes containing URLs are now scraped and put into tag solr index
* Attachments that are removed from note are deleted when url is removed
* Minor little tweaks and fixes all over the place
4 years ago
Max G 61754fe290 Started to build out the app. Its got a basic set of features and it should really be in VC 4 years ago